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Adaptive Synergies

An area of solution planning that has become a key differentiator focuses on driving successful adaptation synergies within the organization based on environmental and cultural factors affecting its people and management structures. As in integral part of our value framework, successful adaptation becomes the overarching factor to ensure value has not only been quantified for our customers but also qualified based on the experiences of those touched by specific types of solutions in the business user communities.

Our methodologies are based on academic studies of organizational hedonic adaptation. As a specialized branch of behavioral economics, hedonic adaption looks at the collective response within an organization to risk and reward decisions based on certain accumulated thresholds. These thresholds become common to internal managers based on environmental factors intrinsic to the organization and our findings indicate have significant impacts on management decisions. Investments for process optimization, for instance, do not necessarily translate into value creation without significant adaptation planning along the workforce hierarchy.

A trend we see often is for the business or organization to sponsor an investment, which then gets handed off to IT or an SI for implementation. The internal IT or implementation partner may have some methods to help up-skill users or help drive adaptation but the approaches are often short sighted and not thorough or structured enough. The value gets 'lost' in the transition from planning to delivery. As a part of our approach we specialize in adaptation synergies and it is an integral component of our overall framework.

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