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Corporate DNA

The fundamental principles underlying the Customer Value Framework are built on our concept of Corporate DNA. corpDNA™ is a scientific approach to business analysis based on extensive empirical and academic studies demonstrating the 'DNA' structure of companies over the centuries of business evolution. What are the common traits derived by global businesses based on inherited processes that are standardized and evolutionary? What are specific types of 'mutations' that have allowed companies to grow and succeed extensively in complex environments versus companies that diverge only to face extreme challenges or bankruptcy? What do most companies have in common based on learnings passed on through generations of standardized functional practices, such as financial or manufacturing? How does corporate divergence affect the overall structure of a mature organization?

Our teams use internally developed methodologies and analysis tools to help address these types of environmental factors so our customers can make better informed decisions as they evolve or diversify their organizations. corpDNA™ is the backbone that supports each of the other value domains and brings them together for a holistic approach to solution planning.

Descriptive Areas

corpDNA™ - Queue Optimization as applied to Functional Areas
corpDNA™ - Management Synergies within the Business Communities
corpDNA™ - Process Harmonization
corpDNA™ - Investment Optimization as a Global Enterprise
Environmental DNA structures as related to markets and specific conditions


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