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Investment Optimization

Many companies make investments in technology, software solutions, consulting services and other ventures based on 'Return on Investment' value analysis from vendors. We find that for many companies before they have had an opportunity to realize the returns that were promised vendors are often positioning additional software functionality or the 'next big thing' that is going to create value for their business. This type of technology chasing creates a loop of diminishing returns based on continued investment for licenses and implementation costs without having a strategic long term plan for how hardware/software implementation is being integrated and the value quantified as it is incorporated into the larger global processes.

As part of our Customer Value Framework we feel it is necessary to ensure returns are being maximized from previous software/hardware investments before considering new investments. Our experts consider optimization techniques to get more from previous investments and look for opportunities to create ROI without having to make significant additional, short term investments. This focus domain is intended to compliment the software vendors by first doing the right level of analysis to understand the 'current state' of the organization based on its previous investments. If the findings suggest the returns have already been maximized and that additional investments are necessary our teams will work with the leadership sponsors to set expectations on how much investment is necessary for the maximum returns.

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