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The rigorous disciplines required for Process Optimization make it a key focus for companies looking to optimize their current presence in regional markets and expand into global markets. In a high paced world customers are demanding more efficient approaches to meeting their consumer needs. We find many firms struggling to keep up with new demand and couple their strategic growth planning to underlying models to support the execution. Businesses find gaps in communication throughout their departments that hamper their growth capabilities and negatively affect their customer's experience. A frequent example is alignment between marketing campaigns and queue models that are granular enough to measure campaign results while taking into consideration the additional load on systems and processes.

Strong growth has to be accompanied with underlying changes to queue models and how those models are implemented in order to realize the opportunities. Conceptual discussions on strategy are not enough to ensure a flawless execution without bottlenecks and/or inefficiencies. Many firms that are in a strong position to pursue acquisition and business development strategies relevant to financial services find that the underlying queue bottlenecks not taken into consideration during planning can inhibit the realization of value. Firms that implement effective process strategies are better able to manage costs and service the individual needs of their clients. Globalization and emerging markets create potential for growth but can also introduce new challenges and inefficiencies.

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